Treeline Sunshade provides effective sun control on buildings windows and entranceways while providing various aesthetic options for any building.  Treeline Sunshade is available as a projection or framed solution, louvered options with an airfoil, Z or tube materials.  Fascia options vary and can be combined with architectural wraps for impressive design elements.

Treeline Sunshade Cantilever Canopy Brochure

Treeline Sunshade Cantilever Canopy Specifications


A wide selection of projection arms and louvers

Curtain wall shading solution

Wraps and fascia design elements

Modular design and construction

Reduces solar impact

Reduces demand on HVAC systems

Durable and cost-effective

Technical Details:

All extrusions meet criteria for ASTM B221 and ASTM B429

 All products are engineered to meet standards of ASCE for design loads

All material is T5/T6 high strength extruded aluminum