Treeline Standing Seam is a unique metal awning system designed to stand out for its high durability and weather resistance. Because of its lightweight, standing seam would be suitable where there are long projections with minimal support. Custom projections, lengths and heights make it highly customizable for the building’s façade.  DMI interlocking standing seam panels.

Treeline Standing Seam Canopy Brochure


Effectively diverts water and redirects snow

Provides sun shade and protection

Customizable shapes and frame designs

Can be illuminated for night time security

Longer material lifespan versus fabric or vinyl with minimal maintenance

Lightweight design with rigid metal

Frames can be mill finish or Powder coated

Modular design and construction

Easily attaches to buildings using a bracket attachment system

Technical Details

All extrusions meet criteria for ASTM B221 and ASTM B429

All products are engineered to meet standards of ASCE for design loads

All framing materials are T5/T6 high strength extruded aluminum