The Treeline engineering and sales team will work with you in defining your project requirements.  Getting us involved up front helps the project go much smoother as we can provide you with ways to keep the overall costs down based on budget and design requirements.

A quotation is typically completed within 24-48 hours of the request coming in.  You will receive a professional looking quote with details and specifics.


Once we have the go-ahead on a project, our design and engineering staff will create the drawing package for your sign-off.  If the project includes a custom step, our team will design the product with supplied shop drawings and details for review.  Engineering calculations can be included when required.


Our engineers provide production fabrication drawings to our production team as we start building your product.  Material moves through our fabrication and machining area and welding.

Our welders are all trained in the EWI methodology of welding.   Our leadership in the welding and fabrication have many years with Honda and EWI.  We have spent much time determining the best welder settings to create a high-quality weld based on the base metals we are connecting.  

All our products have finishing options of standard Tiger Drylac polyester resin-based RAL powder coat color options.


Our professional installers understand and believe in our core truth that we will execute installation with the quality and professionalism they would provide their own business.  They will work efficiently around your schedule and we are confident in the execution of the process.