The Treeline Architectural Metals Company grew from the need to provide our customers with a custom design and manufacturing solution to the awning and canopy industry.  We recognize there is a need for improved value and cycle time from design to installation. 

Creating a solution that reduces on-site assembly and construction time and improving manufacturing efficiency is the key company mission.

 As we have grown from the manufacturing division of Columbus Awning Company, we quickly realized we needed a separate company to build and market our product family.   At the heart of Treeline, Architectural Metals is the growing partnership with the architectural and construction community to provide creative, custom and value options for the industry. Typical premanufactured canopies require significant installation time, have long manufacturing lead times and are often at the high end of the pricing spectrum with the distribution and installation costs.  

Columbus Awning Company is our sole distributor and installer of Treeline Architectural products.  Please see the link below for their website.

The Treeline Architectural Metal team is an experienced team of energetic, passionate professionals that have been in the business of manufacturing awnings and metal canopies with more than three decades of experience.